How much do abortions cost across Australia?

    In some areas women can pay as much as $800 for a termination. Guardian Australia looks at how prohibitive expenses interact with legal restrictions...

    Health Check: can stress during pregnancy harm my baby?

    In pregnancy, stress exposure is associated with a higher risk for preterm delivery and lower birth weight. Preterm birth is the major cause of death and disability in children up to the age of five in Australia. Children of mothers who were stressed during pregnancy show increased susceptibility to asthma and allergies during childhood, as well as higher rates of hospitalisation for infectious diseases such as respiratory illness and gastroenteritis.

    Study to crack the genetic code of depression

    Scientists are calling for 10,000 more volunteers to be part of the world's biggest study on the genetics of...

    SA’s RAH to take first surgical patients

    The new Royal Adelaide Hospital is about to take its first surgical patients. Three ophthalmology patients will have surgery on the $2.4 billion facility on Monday with nine more surgical patients to be treated this week. The start of surgical procedures also means the hospital will start processing the more than 10,000 medical instruments that will be required each day when it is fully functional.

    Silk could improve sensitivity, flexibility of wearable body sensors

    From smart socks to workout clothes that measure exertion, wearable body sensors are becoming the latest "must-have" technology. Now scientists report they are on the cusp of using silk, one of the world's most coveted fabrics, to develop a more sensitive and flexible generation of these multi-purpose devices that monitor a slew of body functions in real time.