Wide Bay doctor warns of rising preventable chronic disease

By Rachel Riga

A Bundaberg doctor says lifestyle-related chronic disease is on the rise in southern Queensland’s Wide Bay Burnett.

Indigenous Wellbeing Centre GP Michael McLean said 80 per cent of the clients he saw were suffering from a chronic disease which could be prevented.

He said many of the long-lasting conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes were due to bad lifestyle habits.

“It’s never too late and there’s always something you can do for patients,” he said.

“I mean if you’re eating the incorrect foods, food that contributes to the chronic disease load, to obesity, that’s something you can do about it at [any] age.

“The message I want to get out is prevention is far, far better than cures.

“The primary thing is to engage with your GP. Have good relationship with your GP.

“Your GP is there to facilitate and assist you and it’s a partnership, so the responsibility is not just on your GP to provide good care, it’s up to the patient individual themselves.”