SA Health jobs cut, staff moved


SA Health’s bureaucracy will take a massive cut, with 13 executives on six-figure salaries to get the axe and more than 400 staff moved to local health boards.

A statement from SA Health announced it had completed the first stage of a two-part review of the department, which will now see 425 staff and 25 executives move out of its city-based head office.

In addition, nine of the remaining executive positions will become temporary project positions with pre-agreed expiry dates, and four remaining executives will support the Transforming Health project.

SA Health chief executive David Swan said the total number of staff employed in the department’s head office would reduce from 2,130 to 1,680 as a result of stage one.

“We’ve identified 425 finance, revenue and workforce positions which will be transferred from head office to the Local Health Networks to give direct support to hospitals and health sites,” he said.

“Twenty-five executive roles will also go. Twelve of these positions will transfer to the Local Health Networks, with the remaining 13 executive positions being abolished.”

Following the full implementation of stage one of the review, the Department for Health and Ageing will have 27 executives in core department functions, down from 65 currently.

“For stage two of the review, we’ll have a detailed look at the remaining functions within the Department,” Mr Swan said.

“I’m confident that there are further areas that can be streamlined to ensure we’re operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Stage two of the review will begin shortly and is expected to be completed by the end of April.

“Building on the reforms of the past few years, this review looked at how we can reduce red tape, avoid duplication and ensure we’re focused on delivering on our core functions,” Mr Swan said.