SensoTRACK Fitness Wearable Tracks Activity From Your Ears (INTERVIEW)

It turns out that the ear is a pretty handy location for a fitness wearable. It keeps your arms free, isn’t affected by non-fitness activities like shoveling potato chips into your mouth, and it gets you into the mood when some funky music is piped through them. Sensogram Technologies, a Plano, Texas based company, realized our ear’s utility and potential, and have designed a unique wearable fitness tracker around it. Known as the SensoTRACK, this unique device measures your heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and supposedly even blood pressure. It also counts steps, calories burned, senses your speed, activity level, geolocation, altitude, body posture, and pace. All this can be synced to an iOS or Android app which also shares that data with a web portal that offers advanced fitness and health analytics. On the eve of the launch of SensoTRACK’s Kickstarter campaign, we asked Sensogram’s founder, Dr. Vahram Mouradian, to share a little more about how SensoTRACK works and why he thinks tracking works best on your ears.
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