Texas Hospital ‘Dropped The Ball’: Man Diagnosed With Ebola In U.S. Was Sent Home For Two Days, Possibly Exposing Up To 100 People To The Virus

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, pictured above, has come under scrutiny after sending home a patient who, several days later, tested positive for the Ebola virus. Still, U.S. health officials say the case poses a low risk to the general public. The first patient ever to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US told medical staff that he had recently traveled from West Africa, but was not admitted to the hospital until he returned two days later, a hospital official said. The patient, identified as Thomas Eric Duncan, told a nurse at a Dallas emergency room that he had recently visited Liberia, which has been ravaged by the Ebola outbreak. But an executive at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital told a news conference that the information was not widely enough shared with the medical team treating Duncan, and he was diagnosed as suffering from a “low-grade common viral disease.”
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