I can tell the world because I don’t work for you anymore.

Tut tut Mr Newman. Today you made your health minister tell all the nurses in Queensland Health they will be going on contracts. You even plan to roll these out within two weeks and cease paying penalty rates. Your government has also told the nurses not to tell anyone or they won’t be offered a contract. Well I can tell the world because I don’t work for you anymore. You may remember me, I was the Nurse Unit Manager at Beaudesert Hospital. You terminated me for speaking out against bullying, mysterious patient deaths, and even patient assaults because I may have embarrassed you early after your last election. Now you plan to make nurses sign away their long service leave and reduce their annual leave to four weeks, despite them working a 24 hour roster. Even worse you are taking away penalty rates – the only incentive nurses have for working such crap hours. Remember Mr Newman it is a nurse who delivers us; a nurse who holds our hand as we leave this world, and a nurse that initiates treatment that may be the difference between life and death when you present to the emergency department. Next election I’m voting for anyone that’s willing to start an investigation in to your criminal activities whilst you sit back and watch Queenslander die.

Source: Facebook