Statement from the Clinical Medical Directors at RBWH

Statement from the Clinical Medical Directors at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital  #qldpol #smoqld #keepourdoctors


The Clinical Medical Directors at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (RBWH) after consulting their Senior Medical and Visiting Medical Specialists in their departments have come to the following resolutions:

  • -The Clinical Directors are aware of significant number of specialists at The Royal Brisbane and Womens’ Hospital who have indicated that it is their intent to either resign or not sign the proposed contract.
  • -Whilst the Clinical Medical Directors are supportive of the principles of contracts and deeds of employment to ensure improved clinician accountability and clinical governance performance; the Clinical Medical Directors believe that the current contracts and addendums offered, are insufficient in clarity and detail to reassure Senior Medical Officers and Visiting Medical Officers that they will have adequate redress should employer wish to impose unilaterally changes in contract conditions. It is unclear what the specialist is consenting to should they decide to sign the contract and its addendum(s).
  • -The Clinical Directors are concerned that the current conditions within the contracts are inequitable, and so biased towards the employer, that in the future the duty of the clinician in patient advocacy and patient care will be compromised.
  • -The Clinical Medical Directors are concerned that the threat of a significant number of specialists resigning is real and that the current industrial impasse is an immediate risk to clinical service provision, service funding, patient outcome, vital teaching, research and clinical service development activities in this state.
  • -The Clinical Medical Directors at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (RBWH) recommend; that given the risks involved, the Government and the Minister of Health should delay the deadlines for the imposition of proposed contracts, to enable opportunity for the employer to provide detail and clarification of the legislative modifications and addendums offered; with our nominated representatives and so avert this crisis.

4th April 2014

Director, Internal Medicine & Aged Care RBWH, Associate Professor, University of Queensland.

Dr R. L. Jeffree, A/Director, Kenneth G. Jamieson Department of Neurosurgery, RBWH
Dr Mark Appleyard, Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, RBWH
Dr Mark Daglish, Director of Addiction Psychiatry, RBWH
Other Directors at RBWH who have given full support to this statement are as follows:
Dr Kana Appadurai, Clinical Director, Geriatric and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr John Atherton, Director of Cardiology, RBWH
Dr Martin Batstone, A/Director MaxilloFacial Surgery
Dr Jane Brazier, Director Breast Screening, Metro North
Dr Carol Douglas, Director Palliative Care Medicine, RBWH
Dr William Fong, Director Nuclear Medicine, RBWH
Dr Helen Healy, Director Renal Medicine, RBWH
Dr Shanthi Kanagarajah, Clinical Director Geriatric Evaluation & Management Unit, RBWH
Dr Paul Kubler, Director Clinical Pharmacology & Rheumatology, RBWH
Professor Jeff Lipman, Director Intensive Care Unit, RBWH
Dr William Lukin, A/Director Department of Emergency Medicine, RBWH
Dr Vikas Moudgil, Clinical Director Metro North Mental Health
Dr Michael Muller, Director Burns Unit, RBWH
Dr Barry O’Loughlin, Executive Director Surgical and Perioperative Services, RBWH
Dr Cameron Mackay, Director, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, RBWH
Dr Sarah Watts, Director Orthopaedics, RBWH
Dr Andrew Wong, Director Neurology, RBWH
Dr Kellie Wren, Director Peri-Procedural Support Unit, RBWH