lies and contradictory statements about contracts

Letter to Mr Campbell Newman regarding lies / contradictory statements about contracts – misleading public and doctors #qldpol #smoqld #keepourdoctors

You say ‘doctors don’t understand contracts’,
You also say ‘they were well informed and you had consultations with doctors’

You say ‘doctors need to sign the contracts by April 30th’
You also say ‘clauses can be changed after signing the contract’

You say ‘negotiate contracts with local HHS’
You also say ‘majority of conditions can’t be negotiated locally’

 You say ‘pineapple meeting attendees might be union activists’
And you never mentioned that you sighted the attendance sheets,

You say ‘doctors are being mislead by union officials’,
You also say ‘doctors are not listening to union officials

You use courier mail for your propaganda,
You never disclose your dealings with them,

You say ‘DG was not given enough time at the pineapple meeting’
you never mention that you or health minister declined the invites,
And you or HM didn’t attend the negotiations (except the last one),

You say ‘results are excellent in the last 2 years since you came into power’
You also say ‘the current system is not working and has to change completely’
And You say these excellent results are because of politicians like you, not because of doctors and nurses

You say ‘assistant health minister is happy with contracts’
When his advise is to refrain doctors from signing the contracts quoting the code of ethics,

You say ‘parliament approved changes’
You never mention about arguments from opposition,
And you ignore your own assistant health minister’s strong and consistent objections about contracts,

You say ‘doctors will get same salaries, in fact better’;
And then you say ‘greedy doctors are asking more money’;

You say pay and conditions are better than interstate, with new contracts,
And you know that it’s a false statement,

You say 800 million dollars wasted in the last 10 yrs and the need for contracts,
You never mention that this was incentive to attract doctors to avoid paying superannuation,
And You never mention how many million dollars being wasted by politicians and the need for their contracts,

You say doctors are taking lot of money above their base pay,
You never mention how many hours they are spending in the hospitals,

You say average senior doctor earns $400,000,
You never show evidence,

You say you want an accountable pay structure,
you offer annualised over times and allowances based on 1 financial year,
And you know workloads can vary significantly due to many factors,

You say ‘8 doctors (out of 800 sample) rorted the system’,
You also say you ‘can’t prosecute them’,

You say you want better and efficient health system for queenslanders,
You also say you are ready to replace half of the senior doctors with new ones in a hurry,
And you say our meetings are emotionally driven, when you are getting emotional in parliament,

You agree that we won’t be paid when we resign or retire,
You never think to apply the same with your politicians,

You say the budget is worse because of previous govt,
And you take significant pay hike for all of you,

You say you are committed to better public health care for queenslanders,
And you lead experienced senior doctors out if the public system,

You say hundreds of doctors you personally spoke are happy with contracts,
Your DG says doctors across the state and specialities have lot of concerns,
And you acknowledge half of senior doctors may resign and like to replace,

You say you would listen to queenslanders when you lost redcliffe by election,
And you never showed that in action,

You say health budget is rising,
You never look into various other factors for this,

Instead of all these misleading statements,

Why don’t you publish an evidence based facts and web links in the courier mail regarding budget, actual results, salaries and conditions in other states, problems we faced in the last 10 years, administrative and beaurocratic expenditure, evidence to show these contracts will fix all the problems, etc

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