Respiratory Care Year in Review 2012: Asthma and

Sleep-Disordered Breathing

  1. Timothy R Myers, MBA RRT-NPS FAARC
  1. American Association for Respiratory Care, Irving, Texas.
  1. Suzanne M Bollig, RRT-SDS RPSGT REEGT FAARC
  1. Sleep and Neurodiagnostic Institute, Hays Medical Center, Hays, Kansas.
  1. Dean R Hess, PhD RRT FAARC
+Author Affiliations
  1. Respiratory Care Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.


Asthma has long been recognized as a common respiratory disease, and the recognition of sleep-disordered breathing is becoming more prevalent. Patients with these disorders are commonly seen by clinicians caring for patients with respiratory disease. There is also much academic interest in asthma and sleep-disordered breathing. The purpose of this paper is to review the recent literature related to asthma and sleep-disordered breathing in a manner that is most likely to have interest to the readers of RESPIRATORY CARE.
    1. doi:10.4187/respcare.02481

      Respiratory Care May 1, 2013 vol. 58 no. 5 874-883


  • Correspondence: Dean R Hess PhD RRT FAARC, Respiratory Care Services, Ellison 401, Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, Boston MA 02114. E-mail:
  • Dr Hess has disclosed relationships with Philips Respironics, ResMed, Breathe Technologies, Pari, Covidien, and Maquet. The other authors have disclosed no conflicts of interest.
  • The authors presented a version of this paper at the 58th AARC Congress, held November 10–13, 2012, in New Orleans, Louisiana.